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To close out 2014, our year of ‘first ever’ exhibitions, we are presenting an exhibition of a local collection of student artists. Our Peace on Earth exhibition showcases a select works of artists who create under the direction of Kevin Juan at Music Art Studio. Each of these selected artists create through true inspiration from within and have a promising creative career & we here at Market Street Gallery are proud and honor to be an early contributor to these amazing artists’ long creative careers.

Peace on Earth = Peace with ourselves. We are who we are, and right now, we are people who've made quite a mess on our planet. So to be aware of it, to accept it, and to pick up the pieces and turn them into something we love, is our path of peace.

“In all aspects of life, including the art studio, despite any mess, I always tell myself to just approach the moment in the most peaceful way I can, to open up to LOVE, and understanding for each other. No other objectives, Then, beautiful things happen.”

            - Kevin Juan, Art Instructor | Music Artist Studio

* * Selected Artists * *

“As an artist, I try to make my art standout more, to understand the world and its beauty it holds.

Part of creating my painting is understanding different unique things about Earth I can recreate on the canvas. Understanding the beauty in nature to capture that feeling I'm looking for.

I try to relate that nature itself can cone in different size and shape. It continues to grow and grow to capture its beauty for the people. This symbolizes that nature gets stronger and stronger throughout the years on Earth.”

            - Thaddeus Brown | 11th grade

“I am inspired by the artists around me. But I know that my art does not have to be brilliant like theirs and change the world. When I create art, I am creating something that has meaning to me.”

            - Miya Driscoll | 9th grade

Maya Sommer | college sophomore

Megan Blan | college sophomore

Christopher Rosales | 11th grade

Natalie Spinetti | 9th grade

Eliana Cadelina | 9th grade

Center Piece

When we take these scraps and turn them into something we love, we go beyond its surface and delve deeper, revealing an overall new existence and purpose, one that embodies the artist's self and their coming together to be proactive in our time. 

“No one can do everything, but everyone can do something. And if everyone does something, together we can change the world.”

- unknown

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