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Get ready to get intellectually twisted! The #BrainCircus is coming to town! #BrainCircus is an interactive exhibition envisioned by spectacular artist, Debbie Jue! She is exposing the inner-workings of her brain to the rest of the world for engagement and enjoyment! This is going to be an experience that you can truly make your own. The exhibit will open July 8, 2014, and run through August 29, 2014. The artist reception will be held on Saturday, July 12, 2014, from 6 PM - 8 PM.

Debbie Jue’s own words to describe #BrainCircus

What is Brain Circus?

Brain Circus is my very own carnival ride.

The scene is inspired by my life experiences. I strap myself in and get ready for my convoluted path that goes up, spirals down, there are twists, turns, as I turn upside down, and the tracks are rattling my brain, this is what creatively inspires me and begins my journey into myBrain Circus.

Whether you are a young child or an adult, I want to inspire you to draw... finger paint... make a single line on paper... a circle or a letter of the alphabet, find your creative passion. This is because I believe that expressing yourself through the physical form is 'living' and when I see other people express themselves in that way, I feel that people empower themselves. I challenge you to step back and observe the kids around you... you will notice that they are not afraid of coloring outside of the lines... they allow their imagination to drive them. So I say to you... engage your inner child and let your imagination run free!

Remember when you laid on your back in the middle of a green field or on a sandy beach watching the clouds float by? Looking at the same exact cloud, you would see a sheep, your friend would see a face and your sister would see a dragon... you are essentially seeing what you want it to be... you are engaging your imagination and that can never be wrong!

What I want you to do is take my art... make it your own... create your own story from the pictures you see or add to it... put your imprint on it. I want to transform something that everyone can enjoy, touch... not simply seeing what everyone else sees.

Ladies and Gents! Welcome to the Brain Circus! Now make it your Brain Circus!

- Debbie Jue

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